Friday, 6 May 2011

Girls' Day Out Glasgow's SECC

We've been waiting for this day and there we go ! Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle in one place. Everything what we woman love. However it was a man-free-zone, we found there two lovely and naked man !!! There was also a fashion show from which we have some pics. Do you like it? We've tried relaxing massages and it was awesome. You should try some too, it's really good after busy day.
There was a No.1's Fashion Editor - Cara Connell on hand to help solve wardrobe dilemmas. GIRLS! remember to wear a huge bag if you want to look smaller and thinner. 

Let's look at some pics:
amazing view - SECC

My new boyfriend . . .   :P

I've always loved shoes . . . 

Cocktail Class
Gary Bowman is showing how to make a delicious cocktail. He really knows what he's doing. Yummy! 

Charming exhibition 

No.1's Fashion Editor - Cara Connel

Find the difference :P


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